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Welcome to the Hope For Heroes Foundation. We are a recogonized 501(c)3 Charity. Our mission is to bring the outdoors back to our nations disabled heroes. As these heroes suffer from their debilitating injuries on a daily basis. We are able to provide education, empowerment and a sense of healing through their favorite outdoor pursuits. Join us in our mission to provide our heroes a small piece of their lives back.  Founder - Mitch Serlin
Our events not only provide an outdoor experience of a lifetime but we educate and empower the attendee so they can enjoy the activities they did before their injury.
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Your donations make it possible for us to provide the Hero with an experience of a lifetime! Thank you for your generosity! For more info on Donating to the Foundation click here.
The Hope for Heroes Lodge sits upon 1600 plus acres which provides a unique, comfortable and safe setting. It allows us to provide what we call "camoflage therapy".... more
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